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In Souliloquy (Re)mastered

In early 2021, we teamed up with composer Michael Clulow, who worked on scoring the videos produced through #ShutInShakespeare. (See more about that project below!) 

Michael's work gave yet another layer to the pieces, proving yet again that In Souliloquy is living, breathing, constantly evolving art.  

Helena (re)mastered

Kate (re)mastered

Soothsayer (re)mastered

Doll (re)mastered

Emilia (re)mastered

Cassandra (re)mastered

Jessica (re)mastered

Abhorsen (re)mastered

Miranda (re)mastered

Viola (re)mastered

Isabella (re)mastered

Behind the scenes!

Michael Clulow is a skilled and creative composer, music director and teacher with experience in arranging, devising and executing musical projects and performances. An excellent communicator and expert in music and sound editing software, with experience instructing a wide variety of performers and managing time-sensitive schedules. Able to play piano at a highly skilled level and has over 9 years teaching experience. Has composed for a number of musical genres, with special experience in and passion for musical theatre.

Follow @michaeljclulow on Twitter & Instagram!


In this time of social distancing & isolation, we want to connect. We want to offer a platform where you can be creative and share your work. 

For In Souliloquy, over 40 original texts are available. Self tape your dramatic Emilia from your kitchen. Interpretive dance our Yorick down the stairs. Draw us a graphic novel about Sebastian & Petruchio.

Fancy doing something else entirely? That's fine too! We would love to hear other pitches! Just get in touch here or via our socials. 

Check out all our collaborations so far & stay safe! x

Isabella In Souliloquy

We are so excited to continue #InSouliloquyRevisited with our collaboration with Georgia Andrews.

Georgia Andrews is an actor, theatre maker and facilitator currently studying Drama, Applied Theatre & Education at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. She has previously trained in Teaching Shakespeare with the RSC and, most recently, performed professionally for Scram Collective and Shake-Scene Shakespeare.

We were approached by Georgia with an interesting idea of an audio performance for the character of Isabella from Measure for Measure. She wanted to explore many voices.


From this inspiration Tilly wrote Georgia a brand new Souliloquy Isabella In Souliloquy for her to interpret in the model of #InSouliloquyRevisited.

#ShutInShakespeare continued with our collaboration with Ilana Charnelle Gelbert, Elena Harding, Kate Chambers, Bryony Reynolds, Naomi Joseph, Ana Turos, Miriam Babooram & Victorine Pontillon.

Kate In Souliloquy

Doll Tearsheet In Souliloquy

Cassandra In Souliloquy

Jessica In Souliloquy

Miranda In Souliloquy

Helena In Souliloquy

The Soothsayer In Souliloquy

Emilia In Souliloquy

Abhorsen In Souliloquy

Viola In Souliloquy


#InSouliloquyRevisited is our flagship sharing initiative. It is a fabulous chance for us to connect with other artists and also to explore different meanings and interpretations of our texts.

Please drop us a line for more info!

Check out our launch collaboration - Ophelia Revisited

We are so excited to launch #InSouliloquyRevisited with our collaboration with Katharine Hardman.

Katharine Hardman is an actor, writer and Movement Director and recent graduate of Drama Centre London. Artistic Director of ‘Entita Theatre’ having produced fifteen shows alongside Jamie Woods. Working as the company’s Movement Director and Choreographer (for a little more please see: ). 

Katharine has recently curated an all female new writing night at the Greenwich Theatre, Lost in London, this night hosted six new places centered around London living with New Light Productions.


Theatre:  Cassie Grey EIGENGRAU (Greenwich Theatre), Ophelia CURTAIN’D SLEEP (Peckham Basic Space Festival), Arkadina THE SEAGULL (Vakhtangov Institute, Moscow) Jean Bird METHOD IN MADNESS (Rose Theatre Kingston, Edinburgh Fringe Festival & National Tour) Zelda YOUR FRAGRANT PHANTOM (National Tour, Marlowe Theatre, Edinburgh Festival Fringe, NSDF)


Katharine has also worked with Ita O’brien on her Intimacy on Screen movement.


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