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Mechanicals’ Macbeth is a comedy that bursts out of traditional form, bringing new audiences to classical theatre.


The Mechanicals playing troupe from Midsummer Night’s Dream are taking on a new scale of tragedy: Macbeth. It is production week and all is not well. Lines are not down, the set is not up, the stakes are high and the lead actor (Bottom, naturally) is disturbingly reflecting his character’s behaviour. For it’s a funny thing this Scottish Play, it gets inside you and before you know it you’re fulfilling prophecies you weren’t expecting and roles you never asked for.


And why this play, the King’s favourite, at this time? Intrigue swirls around the players as they battle to pull everything together and validate themselves Professionals. Who has the right to these words? Who is theatre for? Big questions are explored in this work, drawing on player traditions, both theatrical and folk - in raucous, fun and innovative new writing.

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“When shall we three meet again?

-How does Tuesday, I have time then.”

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